In Memoriam

The list below commemorates victims of our trip and the sacrifices they made so that we could travel in relative luxury.

  • 6 hairties (and counting)
  • Jess’s earbud found!
  • Hilary’s nose-ring
  • 1 glass in the Florence airbnb (sorry, Sara)
  • Hilary’s wallet (only momentarily…it was in the hotel)
  • Gallons of sweat left in Italy (heat wave?!?)
  • Hilary’s bobbypins…all 100 of them
  • $$ in atm fees and currency exchange
  • Jess’s Equilibrium (several different times but Dramamine came to the rescue)
  • The desire to shower
  • Hilary’s “white” tank top
  • 2 pens that have been with us since the beginning. You’ve served us well, writing utensils
  • A pair of Jess’s sunglasses, scratched beyond repair
  • The sandwiches we bought in Paris that we thought we’d eat in Amsterdam except we missed our train and chaos ensued so the sandwiches just became another bag we were carting around until we forgot what they were. But I’ll never forget that smell. Ever.
  • A night in Amsterdam. Replaced by a disgusting walk through Brussels
  • All of the coffee available in Europe. Hilary drank it all

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