DAY 1, part 1: Newark —> Boston —> Reykjavik

The first official Eurotrip 2015 travel day started without a hitch. Jess and I woke up on time to our neatly packed bags we’d prepared the night before. Jess leisurely read the paper as I ate cereal AND cinnamon toast (my gluttony proving to be serendipitous carbo loading, as you will soon see). Loki, the guard dog of Jess’ family’s house who wanted me dead the moment I’d arrived at the house, was in his cage, uttering only the slightest growl when he saw me walk by. We left the house a quarter after 9:00am and arrived at the airport right on time. Jess got her boarding pass without a hitch. All was well. The security line was long, but nothing out of the ordinary:
Jess' face.

Jess’ face.

Then, the universe decided to test our mental and physical fortitude early in the trip. As soon as we got to the front of the security line, the security guy alerted us that our flight out of Newark had been delayed an hour and a half. This was troublesome news since our layover in Boston was only two hours. Any dream we had of a sandwich before our flights were shattered as we realized we’d have to full on sprint with 25lb bags on our backs. By the time we landed, we only had half an hour to book it to the next flight.
“Man, Hilary and Jess, I wish I’d been there to experience that exciting moment with you guys!”!
Don’t worry, friend. We have footage. To come TBD.
Luckily, barefoot and carrying our shoes, we made it and were greeted by a very pleasant flight attendant and free bottles of water! Wahoo! We needed it after all the sweat we’d lost. Here’s my crazy, dazed, smiling face after I nestled into my seat:
How did I get here?

How did I get here?

Shoutouts of the day!:
  • Bonnie and Jo, the two lovely women we sat next to on the flight to Boston! Thanks for the calming conversation.
  • The 15 people who saw (and probably smelled) our sweat and let us skip them in the security line into the Boston International Terminal. If you ever see this, we send you a digital hug.
  • Hildur, the woman from IcelandAir who helped Jess when we were considering alternate flights. Sorry we didn’t call you back. I hope you’re not worrying about us.
  • SPECIAL shoutout to Ruben, the kind gentleman who gave us some sweet travel tips and offered to let me watch a Will Ferrell movie with him on the plane to Iceland!  At the end of the trip, he pulled out a mobile charger/ lantern, handed it to me and told me to have fun on our trip. He said that when he was young and traveling, people went out of their way to be generous and this was his way of paying it forward. If you read this, Ruben, THANK YOU AGAIN! Jess was also thrilled. Also, sorry I called you Bruno.
-Hil : )

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