Wait a minute…

Hold on, I just read that Hilary came up with this idea “during a boozy brainstorming session”…actually, never mind, yeah, I’m fine with that.

We have 2 weeks until we leave. 2 WEEKS!!! That is so insane. I have my bag mostly packed (I’ll post pictures soon) and my life mostly sorted out. Honestly, as I sit here typing this I am wondering why I already packed my clothes since I could be wearing them now but I kinda like knowing that they’re ready to go, even if I am wearing rags around town because of it.

Also, I just read that Hilary considered a solo trip ( I’m learning so much from reading her blog post more thoroughly). I cannot describe how glad I am that she ultimately decided to text me instead. The next eight weeks of our lives are going to be an amazing blur and I’m eager to see what’s in store. I’m sure everyone else is just eager for me to stop talking about this trip so much. To all of you: I’m sorry, I’m just so freakin excited!!!

-Jess 😉

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